26 Şubat 2008 Salı

Analysis of Chinese Network Games Market In 2007 and 2008

With the network economy developed speedy nowadays, Internet not only brings us the changing of communion manner , but it also changes person's life style in many areas, game industry as one of the main relax fashion for people is within. From the end of last century to now network games appeared in china is less than ten years,but its developing speed make a great surprise to numerous traditional industries.

According to the data offered by international data company IDC, from their market report can clearly see developing speed of china network games. The first network game of China is lianzhong game, it formed in china in 1998, and to 2001 the value of network games market directly created arrive at US$41,300,000. This number grows rapidly to US$126,600,000 in 2002,and the direct benefit of the whole network games market reach to US$954,600,000 in 2007.Moreover, the above number is only belong to market's direct value, his indirect value is about ten times as much as direct value created via correlative industries, just in 2007 its direct contribution to communication industry reach to US$2,312,000,000, to IT industry arrive at US$954,600,000 ,to news media and various traditional publish industry arrive at US$494,600,000.

Countrywide company engaged in research and develop games independence from 73 in 2006 grows to more than 120 in 2007,the grow rate is 37.The quantity of person who engaged in network games from more than 4000 in 2006 to 12600 in 2007, growth rate exceed 200.Even network games virtual gold business market which has been developed maturely in Europe and America,also have a great progress, appear many network games virtual gold business company. They professionally engageing in buying and selling all kinds of game gold such as lotro gold,runescape gold,guild wars gold etc.

According to correlative data, the quantity of china games players achieve to 31,120,000. Furthermore at the present time china network games locate at the rapidly seedtime, and the quantity is increasing speedy. According to the analysis, it is forecast that the market value of china network games will arrive to US$1,133,300,000 in 2008, till the end of 2010 the market value of china domestic network games will reach to US$1,870,000,000. According to the experience, network games industry will bring correlative indirect market benefit to US$13,300,000,000.

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