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Download Free PSP Games for PSP

If you are thinking about purchasing a portable video game device, I would have to suggest the PSP, because of the additional features this game provides to gamers. The best feature is the ability to download games directly to your memory stick. First, pick a download site. Select a game file from the download site and download the file directly to your PC. Once on the PC, you need to send the game file from the PC to your memory stick using the USB cable. Simply drag and drop the file from your PC to the memory stick file. Make sure the game file is sent to the correct folder or path, for example PSP Games folder. To access the game file downloaded select games on the main menu and then select memory stick and a list of downloaded game files should appear. This same process can be used to download movies and music, as well.

Emulators for the PSP

Some of the download websites offer a wide range of downloadable content. One of the coolest downloads is the video game emulators. This allows you to play games from other video game systems like Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, and more.

PSP Download Sites

There are thousands of available download websites on the internet these days, so finding a good site can be hard to do. Some of the sites offer free downloads, but these sites can sometimes infect your PC with unwanted spyware or even a virus. It is best to go to a site that charges a minimal fee for a membership. These download sites are more reliable, have better game selections, and have a lot of the extra downloads like the Emulators listed in the prior section. For a good list of available download sites visit http://www.download-free-psp-games.com This site gives your the top three websites to download Games for the PSP.

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