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World of Warcraft Trading Cards - 11 Tips To Help You Play The World Of Warcraft Trading Card Game

The World of Warcraft trading cards were released in 2006. Since then, their popularity has increased. Now, there are quite a large number of different packs available for card traders to collect. As is with all kinds of cards, there are those who just would like to collect them. There are many more people who buy them with the intention of using them to actually play the game. Given below are eleven tips which will help those who seek more enjoyment from their WoW trading cards.

1. Make sure you check out the official website for the trading card game, before starting to play the game.

2. After reading the rules, print out the sample pack from the website and play the game with these.

3. Begin with a starter deck, this comes with 33 fixed cards comprising of one Hero and thirty two others.

4. Each Hero card has two sides. Start with the side which has the trait icons. Flip the card to use your Hero's power as you play the game.

5. Booster packs are available to help you build your deck, as you want it. (some of these cards have scratch-off codes, for online prize redemption).

6. Each deck is built around one of the nine World of Warcraft classes, found in the online game.

7. The cards can change or go beyond the game's basic rules.

8. Always remember, the card is always right - do what it says- even if the rules say something different.

9. Because you choose which cards you want to play in your deck, and who your hero is etc, you have TOTAL control over the power of your deck.

10. Your cards can be in any one of six game zones but all players share the chain and play zones.

11. As the game progresses, add allies so that you can use their powers against your foe.

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