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How to Download Free PSP Games and Much More

If you learn the procedure to download FREE PSP games, movies, music, etc., you can have access to millions of choices to select from including current games and movies.

Though I would like to mention that FREE PSP download sites charge a small, one-time membership fee, the Unlimited PSP Downloads are FREE for life.

If you are looking for 100% Free PSP downloads, there is a possibility of getting spy-ware and ad-ware to your computer by downloading from shady parts of the internet or only partial downloads to your PSP. So, it is up to you to take chances. Given below are three easy steps to follow for downloading Unlimited FREE PSP games, movies and more.


Search for a reputed PSP downloading site. This entails some research. Type ‘FREE PSP game downloads’ in the search engines and go through some of the reviews and actual PSP download sites. You will find several choices but many of them are not of good quality. Generally the best PSP download sites are found on the first page of search engine results.

It won’t be easy to find low quality and least popular sites as their search engine rankings will be low. I would recommend read reviews and check for rip off sites on google and yahoo before making any choice on the internet. The review sites for PSP downloads contain all the required info.


This step is important for actually downloading your PSP games and movies. Some are under the impression that all you have to do is to join a PSP download site and your PSP will automatically be filled with unlimited PSP downloads. Yes, it is almost as simple as that, but there are two things to be done before you download.

First and obviously, you need a PSP transfer cable from your PSP to your PC. These cables are quite cheap to buy if you don’t already have one. Second, you need a duo memory stick for your PSP. It is logical to have this, because there should be enough memory in your PSP to download all the PSP games and movies of your liking.


Now you have the PSP download site you want to use, the memory card and USB cable. All you need next is suitable software for your PSP downloads to work, download properly and quickly. Good PSP download sites give you software also along with the membership site.

Many of the PSP download sites give you all the software needed to keep you informed of the latest PSP upgrades and so forth.. You need not worry as they make it simple and keep you up to date.

The above may sound complicated but actually it is not. I just might have elaborated a little too much, but my intention is that whoever reads this should know everything they would need to know before downloading FREE PSP games and so much more.

Most of the sites charge less than 50 bucks for a lifetime membership with unlimited PSP downloads. We’re talking of millions of choices to choose from, including many of the hottest and most current PSP games & movie downloads. Total cost for everything to start downloading will be less than cost of two games. The only expense would be towards membership to PSP download site, USB cable and memory-stick.

It is certainly worth the little money you spend for Unlimited FREE PSP downloads offered for life. Make sure to read all the important details once you join a PSP site. They will indicate the availability of memory and steps to download smoothly and quickly.

Many of the PSP download sites contain blogs or even forums. Go through them. They will teach and inform you of news updates or helpful details of any new PSP. Make sure before joining any PSP download site that they offer a refund guarantee. A scam site would not offer 100% refund.

So, it is quite simple to download Free PSP games, movies, etc. All the good PSP sites will have round-the-clock tech support. You should be downloading PSP games and movies within no time after joining a site.

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