26 Şubat 2008 Salı

Are Free PSP Game Sites Worth it?

If you are a PSP owner and anything at all like me, you've probably wondered about all these free PSP games websites that people seem to talk about these days. Are they any good, and most importantly do they really give you free games? Read on to find out.

The PSP is certainly a pretty cool gadget, but I'm getting a little tired of the prices of games for it-let's face it, the games are NOT as technically demanding as title on the 360 or PS3, so they should be cheaper right? Well thankfully you can now download games for free from an increasing number of places. There are a few things you need to look out for though:

What to look out for-1
First of all, ignore any P2P sites or torrent sites you see. These are A illegal, and B a breeding ground for viruses and spyware etc. You know when you download something from a site like that and it turns out to be nothing like what you asked for? Well that's a hacker trying to install some nasty stuff on your computer. Imagine what that could do to your little PSP?

What to look out for-2
Don't get suckered into a membership that will cost you far more in the long run. There are more than a few sites out there that will offer you free PSP games to download, but they will only do it if you join their monthly membership at like $30 a month or something. Yeah right! It doesn't seem so bad at first, but you'll find as time goes by you won't download so much-yet all the while you are paying these guys each month. No thanks.

What to look out for 3-
Download speeds. Again, you'll find a fair few sites offering free PSP game downloads, but if they can only get them to you at like 2k a second, who cares? It would take days to download a whole game! What's the point?

What to look out for 4-
What you need is one of the new sites that are starting to appear. You'll have to pay an admin fee, say $35 or so, but that covers you FOREVER. You think you could download more than $35 worth of games over the rest of your life? You bet you can, and their downloads are usually pretty fast to boot. If you are a PSP owner looking for free games, it doesn't get better than this.

There's a lot more than you first think to downloading free PSP games-there are a lot of con artists and scammers out there, so pay attention to these tips before you make a choice!

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