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Help for Beginners In The World Of Warcraft

The popularity of the ‘World of Warcraft’ has risen to a great extent with PC users, it has over a million players all over the world. Blizzard Entertainment developed this game. Jargon lovers are going to enjoy this it is also called MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Role Play Game.

New players will have to look into a few rules, regulations and a few help tips to play this game well. A few of the rules, regulations and tips are explained in this write up. Players are allowed to play the game for free for a limited time period as a trial. And to continue playing one has to pay through credit or buy pre-paid game cards as monthly fees. And players pay these fees since they get addicted to this game.

Creating a character is the first role of a player. And then a lot of help will be needed from there forward. And a knowledgeable guide can help a great deal. Only the experienced players can help you with great ease and a few players do help new players.

Deciding which side to team up with is the next step after creating a character. Here there are two sides the Alliance and the Horde. This game helps the new player by letting the former to play as the “good” guys (dwarves, gnomes and humans), whereas it let the latter play as the “bad” guys (orcs, trolls and the undead)

The main idea in the World of Warcraft is to make players feel part of one big team. Members of each faction can only group and communicate with their own faction members. And each character seems unique and different in its own way since you have a lot of choice like races, classes for players to select from within a faction. The intelligence and mobility level of the races of the Alliance are usually better than that of the Horde (they rely on overall strength). There are different advantages and disadvantages with joining a particular race.

It is on the basis of class that you decide what a particular class can do throughout the game, like the role of the priest (it is quite specific in the game). All in all there are nine classes and usually help is needed to decide which class a character should belong to.

With all these and many more choices to make an A-Z guide for starters in the World of Warcraft would be of real help. And this guide can be found at this link: WoW Easy Gold. Here they also give you tips on how to build your character if you find it difficult to decide just as I did.

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